1. Feaky Feddie
    Feaky Feddie
    Super-Chunk Trianglios (tm) cereal mascot.
  2. Bear Suit
    Bear Suit
    A friend from the forest.
  3. Pop Corn
    Pop Corn
    Nothing more satisfying!
  4. Gnome Wizard
    Gnome Wizard
    It's lonely in the garden. He looks tired...
  5. Egg Head
    Egg Head
    Boil for approximately 8 minutes.
  6. Cat Fists
    Cat Fists
    Lefty is the brains of the operation. Baldy is mostly interested in food.
  7. Face
    Got more one-liners than Schwarzenegger.
  8. Platypus
    Did you know male platypuses have poisonous spurs?
  9. Hopper
    He's been to the bottom of the rabbit hole...


  1. Gnome Wizzerds 1
    Gnome Wizzerds 1
    Meanwhile, in Andy Warhol's garden...
  2. Gnome Wizzerds 2
    Gnome Wizzerds 2
    Diggin' the lines!
  3. Egg Heads
    Egg Heads
    A dozen, minus two.
  4. Corn Feddie
    Corn Feddie
    If he ate the corn, where would it go? Does his mouth actually work??
  5. Bear Suits 1
    Bear Suits 1
    Hirsute bearsutes.
  6. Bear Suits 2
    Bear Suits 2
    Waving their hands in the air... Who do they think they are?