1. Internal Organ
    Internal Organ
    Are there butterflies in your stomach? NO! It's this guy!
  2. East Wind
    East Wind
    A steady, cool breeze...
  3. North Wind
    North Wind
    Thunder bolts and lightning...
  4. West Wind
    West Wind
    Smells like flowers and baby deer...
  5. Hail Satan!
    Hail Satan!
    Dark One! Play rock music backward to me! I am listening!!!
  6. Hail Satan! Acid Wash
    Hail Satan! Acid Wash
    Whoa, my Dark Lord! I like your bodacious, psychedelic stylings!
  7. Skunk n Magpie
    Skunk n Magpie
    Sometimes things really ARE black and white.
  8. Reeking Havoc
    Reeking Havoc
    Too much of a good thing...
  9. Mummy bag
    Mummy Bag
    Why would you conceivably ever leave its warm embrace?
  10. Drop!
    Gravity ain't got nothin' on this one.